Anabaptist Providers Group


Anabaptist Providers Group (APG)
is an affiliation of 17 retirement communities and other senior services providers in southeast Pennsylvania, all of whom are identified with one of the historic Anabaptist faith traditions (Brethren in Christ, Church of the Brethren, Mennonite, United Christian Church and United Zion denominations). Founded in 2001, APG carries out its mission to support its member organizations, by providing leadership development, introduction of business/operational programs, and provision of a forum to encourage integration of Christian-based values into operations and relationships. 


APG Staff
Emerson Lesher, President/CEO                             

Our Address

2160 Lincoln Highway East
Suite 7
Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone:  717-560-4296

APG * 2160 Lincoln Highway East; Suite 7; Lancaster, PA; 17602 * 717-560-4296

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